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         For my female friends who were very interested in this topic. I just have to post my views on this. Its awkward when supposed friends have sex and it changes everything/…The first reaction when you wake up at a dear friend’s place, in her bed - and well, naked - can be of utter awkwardness. Something you would not say to yourself would be that you really “messed up”.

          Thinking it all to be just casual sex would be a bigger mistake afterwards because, with someone as close as a friend, and being a girl at that, comes with a ‘D’ for demanding. Some friendships come with benefits like sex without the strings attached, and the participants have no issues at all…BUT..... It’s not always so.
      Here’s the question for you, whether your friendship can survive the sex? Following the steps below can help you out when shit hits the fan:

The Talk

Waking up to reality would never seem harder than this. You would probably blame yourself and the woman herself with no one being ready to talk. Not a good sign. 

Talk is what it really needs, so if you can make way for that, there is a chance. Don't follow your brain man! listen to your heart. Don’t wait for her to give that first call. Just dial her number and TALK!

No Sharing
A solid ‘rule’ and a good one too. Do not go about telling others in the circle about the escapade. That would spell nothing short of blasphemy for the future of your friendship, which you totally cherish and would like to have back. Respect the importance of your friendship and keep your mouth shut.

Feeling of Falling in Love
There can be a very predictable and obvious pull in the heart that you are probably in love with your friend.   

Sex doesn’t lead to love, not at least with one encounter. So, you might just need to clear your head and think about what else in common you share with your friend and is it really love?

The Fear Pang
Grappled with the thought of losing your friend due to the sexcapade, you could very well be on the verge of a psychological impediment. Don’t give in to this trauma, and instead, remember the need to keep your thinking crystal clear to work the situation out.

Do not Lose Touch

If you do not get over the fear, and that first awkward conversation, you risk losing touch forever! DO not let yourself lose that old camaraderie just because you saw her naked.

Moving On
Should nothing work out and the above steps prove fruitless, appreciate the whole idea of having had such a dear friend and the prospect of having slept with her may leave behind a sweet memory instead.

So, can friendship survive sex? Absolutely, all you need to have is a bit of a faith and that overrated thing called ‘courage’ to save your friendship from falling in a deep abyss of awkwardness. You do that and you can have a friend for life or maybe an FWB (friend with benefits).

But hey, whatever did you do to get yourself friend-zoned in the first place?

i'll talk to you again soon 
Your Friend 

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