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Took a long break but now i am back and refreshed...
Guys always ask on how not to screw up a first date.... well.
Here are a few pointers. And thanks to Roosh, they may not all work for you. But like i said... they are pointers. If you're a reader of THE LION'S DEN I'd expect you've at least left the "wuss zone". So understanding this shouldn't be a task and putting them to good use would just be your pleasure.

Besides the actual act of sex, first dates are the most enjoyable
part of the game. It's where two people who barely know each other
are alone and isolated with a cloud of sexual tension lingering in
the air. Here's a few tips to turn that sexual tension into a

 Don't try to have a first date on a weekend,
especially if you haven't kissed her yet. Weekend dates send the
wrong message that you value her too much and are ready to give a
"primetime" night to someone you just met. Instead stick to Monday
through Thursday for the first date. My favorite day for first
dates are Wednesdays, because what girl is busy on a Wednesday
 Sure you can have great conversation by
taking girls out to dinner and ice cream dates, but if your goal is
to bang as fast as possible, you MUST do a drinks date. A great
time to schedule it is 9pm as that will cue her to eat beforehand,
saving you money.
Even if your drinks date is short of a blockbuster, it's very hard
not to get at least a make out if she's had three or more drinks in
her. In fact one way to know that she doesn't like you is if she
refuses to have more than one drink.
There is no way you can memorize enough routines for a
date that lasts two hours or more, and even if you could it would
be a stupid waste of energy. You're going to have to be REAL and
this is where I hope your vibe is fun and interesting. If not then
dates will be a challenge
I prepare for dates by having several fun routines ready, usually The Concentration Game (ask each other popular questions that have several answers, first who fails to answer or forgets or repeats an answer gets to drink a shot of vodka) This is fun and makes them drink....letting their guard down. however only really fun girls would try this on a first date. Other routines exist too. I also remind myself of touching moves and body language that prime her for the kiss.
Quick Tip (potheads will interpret this differently) : On your way to dates call up a couple friends and shoot the shit with them for a while. Since first dates are mostly a talking affair, you want that part of your brain to be ready. The worst thing you can do is lounge around at home all day in front of  your computer/phone and then go out on a date without having done any talking beforehand.
It's natural to be nervous, especially with
the pressure of getting laid hanging over your head. But I
guarantee you she is more nervous than you are, simply because
she's a girl and is programmed to stress about everything. I can't
be the only person who knows girls who can't even go to a public
bathroom without a friend. 
The more you have your internal game straightened out and believe a girl should prove her value to you, the less you will be nervous
yourself. Think of her on a stage, twirling and spinning for your
pleasure. Whether this is reality or not doesn't matter... just
believe it.
I'm always AT LEAST five minutes late, though I
try to hit ten minutes. You want to stir up some anxiety and fear
that she's being stood up so that she thinks about her insecurities
("Am I not pretty enough?") instead of yours. 
Even if you arrive early, mill around in the parking lot or
wherever for a while until you're late. The upper limit of lateness
to where the girl gets seriously pissed off is around fifteen
minutes, so try to keep it under that.
  The best way to do this is by touching her
more and more as the date progresses. First you start with innocent
touches on her forearm or shoulder, then you graduate to touching
her hands after the half-hour mark, then you wrap your arm around
her waist. Next thing you know your heads are mere inches apart and the kiss is a foregone conclusion.
I believe that kissing results more because of touching than
because of interesting conversation. Think of it this way:
conversation makes her feel comfortable with you touching her, and....
touching makes her feel comfortable with you kissing her. Sometimes
you can kiss a girl with touching alone.
  Even if you don't think you will get the
bang on the same night, it's still prudent to go for it. The reason
is because it makes your job much easier for the second date. The farther you get on the first date, the less work you have to do on the second. 
Even if the first date goes well, you can't make the assumption
there will be a second. How about if her long lost ex-boyfriend
calls the next day? How about if her friends cock-block you? Then
you'll kick yourself in the ass that you didn't push it. Always go
for the bang and I'm confident you'll be surprised at how far you
As you've probably noticed, most of the work in having a great
first date is done before you even show up. A little preparation
for them goes a long way, especially if you consider that it takes
quite a bit of work to meet a new girl and then get her out. Don't
blow it by not preparing yourself.
I learned these date tips by going on A LOT of dates. I'm sure I've
been on at least 100 first dates, in parks, bars, clubs,
bookstores, coffee shops, museums, malls, ice cream parlors,
pastries, and my bed-room, to name a few. 
I've tried it all, and through my experiences have figured out some
seemingly "obvious" things like how a common neighborhood bar is the best place to have a date as long as you can sit close to her.
There's the big things in-game like having the optimal attitude or
the best opening line, but the small things count too because they
quickly add up and make getting laid a lot easier. 
As always, i leave you with a funny picture to study and ponder upon.

Always your Manchi!