Monday, September 15, 2014

THE TEASING GAME (SECRET:1 step forward, 2 steps back)

Hello Lion's and Lionesses. been battling with inspiration and time due to the recent loss i suffered but i have to leave you guys with this top secret I've known and used for years to get women to practically throw themselves at me. 

The secret Method of Taking a step forward and two steps backwards. You still don't get it ya? Lemme explain... Years ago a friend told me that if you slap someone with your bare

hand, you will feel as much pain as the person you slapped. And

it's true because the nerve receptors in your hand cannot tell the

difference if it's doing the slapping or if it's being slapped.

(This is probably why my mom preferred to beat me with a broom.)

Let me explain how this concept applies to the game.

I was at a gig with a girl I had been on one date with. We hadn't

had sex yet but I definitely wanted to. When I look back in my

dating history at the girls that really got me going, I noticed they

were all very good at teasing me. 

These girls knew how to restrain themselves and postpone some

pleasure now for more pleasure later. I understood this concept and

was beginning to use it on girls, but I would often give in early

because I was impatient and horny.

I didn't fully understand that the anticipation of intimacy is more

arousing than intimacy itself. Therefore anticipation of a kiss is

more arousing than the kiss itself. You can suck face with someone

for one hour, but after sometime you will get less from that kiss until your lips go numb and you don't feel like kissing anymore. In fact the best way to make a girl horny is to kiss her LESS and build

sexual tension that begs to be relieved in the bedroom.

My date and I already kissed before so there wasn't going to be any

major surprise , but what I would do is get very close to her lips and barely brush against them with mine without kissing her, and then pull back. Her head would follow me back, until she realized I wasn't going to kiss her. She would smile and I would smile, and we'd take a sip of our drink and i would watch her dance a little more.

That night I did the pull-back game for almost TWO HOURS without kissing her once, until I was ready to explode (remember that when you tease someone, you tease yourself by the same amount). But she had no idea that I was going through a harder time than she was because I did my best to put on a relaxed facade.

Let me sidetrack real quick and mention that this idea works with

emotions too. It's impossible not to feel the emotions you try to

make others feel. If you want a girl to fall in love with you, and

you seduce her successfully, you will also fall in love with her to a certain degree. Knowing this is incredible because it says that you can feel whatever emotion you try to create in others. 

For example if I want to feel passion, I just have to make someone

else feel it. If I want to feel love, I just have to make someone

else feel love. Unfortunately many people unknowingly use this for

negative emotions such as jealousy, fear, and anger.

Back to the story. I drove my date home and in my bedroom she gave me absolutely no resistance. She let me do whatever I wanted to do and for that night her body was mine in any way I desired.

After that incredible night, does it mean I can stop teasing her?

Of course not! No matter how far along the relationship we are,

both of us have to keep the sexual tension tight to keep the good

feelings going. The moment either of us stops putting in work to

induce maximal pleasure is the moment the relationship will become stale. Because anyone can just keep making out. But not many cannot.

The only way I learned how to tease a girl was by taking notes on

all the girls I was hooking up with. If what they did felt really good to me, I figured it would feel good to a girl as well. Most of what I learned about how to please women and satisfy them actually comes from girls.

Before you can get to the point where you are teasing and kissing a

girl, you need to know how to build attraction. I used to live in

my own personal hell because there would be a girl I liked but I

had no idea how to build attraction, no idea how to kiss her, and

no idea how to get her in bed. I had the desire, but I didn't have

the knowledge because my toolbox was completely empty. It took me years to learn that knowledge, and am more than happhy to share it with you my friends.. so stay tuned and always keep your game tight.
 Your friend,