Friday, June 23, 2017


I had a discussion today and something along the line made the person say something in the line of "lick your feet".

Since then I've been asking myself what it means for someone to lick someone's feet. I want to believe it is figurative and not literal because it's mostly when you watch lesbian porn you get to see that often (literally).

So Figuratively, it is derived from pets who lick their owners/masters feet and is often a sign of submission, approval, loyalty and happiness. Etc & More importantly it indicates their happiness in this role. By displaying this act of domesticity and submission, the dog may ensure its place in the family by accepting the social order of the home.

As humans, we term "feet licking" as a base concept of taking nonsense from someone who has something you need just because you need that stuff and not mostly because you enjoy "licking the feet". Many examples of this are seen in the follow relationships:

* Parent to Child/ward
* Employer to Employee
* Lecturer to Student
* Wife to Husband
* Males to female OR Females to male as in the case of sex atimes when one has to do "whatever" just to be allowed to "get down".

No need to go far... Just know that whoever has to "lick feet" is either showing loyalty, submission, happiness, approval & etc OR FAKING IT.. To someone who they feel they want stuff from or are getting something from already. So for the purpose of this article i will be focusing more on dating/relationship angle.

Why not lick face? Or lick breast or chest or lick hand...???
Well.. Based on this concept and imagery ; to successfully "lick feet" one has to first bend low enough which is a sign of submission; whether the person submitted with their heart or not.

As humans we do this to get what we want most often and then we do as we please later on, unless this symbiosis is eternally helpful.

A form of this symbiosis that society and biology has imposed on us is :


Yes marriage. Because some cultures see marriage as a woman submitting to a man just so she is not put to shame or so she can have a name or so she can survive while she in turn bears children, caters for them and the man and keeps the house in place.


This Symbiosis shouldn't be mistaken. Marriage is companionship first, (God first saw that Adam was alone) then subsequently procreation (he asked them to be fruitful and multiply).
So, in that order are the primary reasons and a woman doesn't have to literally "lick a man's feet" in order to be regarded a woman. Yes, she can submit as the Bible asks, she should be loyal as the union demands, she should show also that she is loyal and approves NOT because she wants something from HER MAN.. but because SHE ACTUALLY IS!!
Anything short of that is fake and manipulative.
The man also has his DUTIES and Things he is expected to Maintain for the symbiosis to work. Sex is mutual (we both enjoy it) , procreation is mutual (we both need kids),
Care and attention is mutual ( no one is an island).

In order not to have a bulky seminar on this because i know my readers are smart and can pick up the gems and discard the rocks.
I will drop amidst my rants this opinionated piece of advice...

As a man, at some point/s in your life.. You will lick feet... You have to and you will. There's no escaping this my dear man.

But at a certain point you have to find yourself that person/people who will lick your feet happily because you have made yourself worthy of this and because they want to, not because they wanna use you, but because your feet deserve to be licked and they will do it happily to always show you how important you are in their lives (don't get too used to it though lest you get corrupted).

As a woman, if you are not careful you will lick an annoying number of feet in your life just to stand firm on your own. If you're silver spooned and connected good for you, if not.. Brace your self or brush your tongue because the feet licking no be here.

Even in relationships, make sure whosoever you decide to date is someone whose feet you won't mind licking, else you will find yourself frustrated at the thought. There are always people whose feet we will agree to lick without much ado.. Find one and date them. Don't complain that the guy you are managing wants you to lick his feet.. Stop managing.. Life is too short to manage. If he's not worth your attention, time, loyalty, faithfulness, submission, respect and etc please WTF are you doing with him?

When you want to Mate, you woo and seduce and then you use foreplay to set the ball rolling...
When you want to get something or prove that you're grateful for something you
Lick feet Dammit. If you think you ain't a feet licker think again.. We all lick feet to someone somewhere who has us "balls in hand". Politicians lick feet, eat shit and even suck balls join sef. Musicians do, footballers do, Pastors do... Someone somewhere right now is Licking feet (bending low to show respect).
You're not too big to lick feet brother...
You're not too fine and big to lick feet sister..
That your paddy with a house in banana island licked someone's feet very hard to get there (there are exceptions tho).

So remember my advice up there amongst my rants and always be with someone whose feet is WORTH THE LICK!

And I'll talk to you again soon..

Your Friend


Sunday, March 5, 2017


Lions an Lionesses, that's how i ventured into cold reading oh..
Psychology or Kokology ... Palm reading is one type but this you
just have to try.....

The secret of the cube is a psychological game, its very tricky to
learn and execute but this is one mind game that most attentive and
level headed girls enjoy. I would suggest you wait until the first date
or till shes totally cool with you physically or via chats to do it,
because it takes a while to complete and you need an environment
where there are few distractions.

You can start by asking, "Hey let's play a game. I'm going to ask
you a few questions and your answers will tell me all I need to
know about you." Tell her to relax before you begin, then start. As
you read the routine, pretend I'm doing it on you so you can try to
analyze your answers afterwards.

"Imagine yourself in the middle of the desert. It's a really big
desert and you are the only person there." She may close her eyes
to better imagine this scene. "Now in the middle of this desert,
there is a cube. Describe this cube to me, however you imagine it
to be."

Ask about its size, its relation to the desert (on the floor,
floating in the air, etc.), and what material it's made out of.
Urge her to be as detailed as possible, and only continue when she
is completely done answering.

"In addition to the cube, there is a ladder. Where is this ladder
in relation to the cube?" Ask what material it is made out of and
how many rungs/steps it has.

"Next up is a horse. Where is the horse in relation to the cube and
the ladder?" Ask her about the size, type, and color of the horse.

"Now imagine flowers. Where are they in relation to the cube,
ladder, and horse?" Ask her about the quantity, color, and type of
flowers. Always give her time to provide rich details to get her
imagination going.

"Finally, there is a storm in the horizon. Is the storm coming
closer to you, going away, or staying still?" Then tell her that
the game is finished and that her answers are very interesting.
Feel free to hype up the upcoming analysis by saying you learned
something about her that you didn't expect.

When it comes to the analysis, all you have to know is that the
cube is a representation of her, the ladder is her friends and
family, the horse is her lover, the flowers are her future
children, and the storm is a big problem. With a general idea of
what each one means, and your understanding of the girl, you will
make up an analysis that is both believable and accurate.


The cube represents the player's image of herself.
A cube that is small in the perspective of the scene suggests that
the player thinks of herself as insignificant or modest while
a larger cube suggests the opposite. A cube on the ground indicates
the player is "down to earth," while a floating cube may indicate a dreamer.
The material of the cube is also of interest.
Generally, a large cube means her ego is large. A small cube means
insecurity, but keep the analysis positive in this case by saying
she is timid or not in possession of a large ego. The material of
the cube displays strength. If her cube material is strong and
solid instead of hollow, this means she is a strong person capable
of handling problems without collapsing, and so on. A soft cube means
she is hesitant and needs a lot of assurances before starting a new

The ladder is her support circle. The closer her ladder is to the
cube, the more she relies on her friends and family. If the ladder
leans on her cube, she relies on them as much as they do. If the
ladder is on top of her cube, her circle may be smothering her. If
it's far away, she doesn't rely on them much. Rungs on a ladder say
how many people are close to her life. A strong ladder material
says she can count on her family and friends more than if it was
made with weaker material.

The horse represents the player's lover. As with the previous objects,
the closer to the cube the horse is, the more important or intimate
(or possessive!) the love life of the player is. The horse can also
represent anything you are passionate about, and not just a person
The horse size says whether she wants a dominant or subordinate
male. A large horse means she wants to be led. A pretty horse like
a pony means she wants a metrosexual man. A small horse means she
wants to dominate her partner. The distance between the horse and
the cube and ladder says how close her lover will be to her life. A
horse in a cage (or otherwise immobilized) means she wants to
destroy you.

The flowers represent the player's children or future children;
it can also represent creative projects or clients like something
the player creates and/or takes care of. Flowers close to the cube
suggest a close relationship with children (or creations or clients),
while a beaten-down flower would suggest a bad or broken relationship with them.
The number of flowers says how many children she wants to have. The
closer they are to her lover (the horse) means the father will be
close to the children. I'm not sure what flower type is but you can
make it up to mean what type of gender she prefers or what she
wants her kids to be when they grow up.

the storm's movement signifies if a problem is coming or going
towards her and if she has to soon deal with something important or not.
The storm represents the player's current problems and
her attitude toward them. A storm covering the entire scene
would suggest that the player feels overwhelmed by current problems,
while a storm in the distance or a small storm would suggest
no major, unmanageable problems in the present, and possibly
an optimistic attitude toward the future. A static storm means a problem
that will be staying with you for longer than usual or forever.

Let's do a sample analysis with answers that will be pretty

Say her cube is about four feet tall, made out of solid wood, and
slightly elevated off the ground. Her ladder is laying on top of
the cube, with ten rungs/steps and made out of metal. There is a large,
black horse that is making circles around the cube and ladder and
there are three yellow dandelions very close by. Finally, she
envisions a storm that is neither coming nor going.

For example if I knew that she is an artsy, independent type, here
is the analysis I would give:

"The cube is a representation of you. Your cube is large, which
means you have a healthy ego and a high sense of self-worth. You
like to keep your head up. The cube is elevated off the ground so
that tells me you're a dreamer. You think a lot and tend to lean
towards the creative side of things instead of the analytical. Wood
is a strong material, meaning you see yourself as strong as well.
It cannot be easily broken. For instance the cube could be hollow
but it's not.

"The fact that your ladder is on top of you means that others rely
on you for support and advice more than you rely on them. So
sometimes you feel smothered. Each step/rung represents a person
who you are close to, so you have a lot of people that place their
trust in you. The ladder is made out of metal, a strong material,
which says your support network is strong and dependable.

"The horse is your lover. Its large size means you want to be led,
and maybe even dominated. But the horse is not too close to the
cube and ladder, so this means you want space from your lover as

"The three flowers means you want a small family. Yellow (as for the
dandelions) is a neutral color so you imagine at least one boy and
one girl. They are close to the cube and ladder which is good
because children should be close to you and your friends and family.
It's hard to tell from your answers where you lover fits in.

"Finally, the storm represents a problem. It's neither going nor
coming, which means that there may be an issue you have that is
staying with you indefinitely."

Because the cube game is involved, it is best you practice it on at
least five other people before you do it on a date. If you get lost
in your analysis, just shovel back what you already know about her
without being too obvious about it.

For instance if the guy friend you are doing it on for practice is
an alpha male type, tell him his cube says he feels confident with
his decision making and likes to lead. If your date is a really
insecure girl, tell her that she is sometimes filled with doubt and
goes through periods of uncertainty.

I've never had a girl who didn't eat up my cube analysis and it's
not because I was necessarily right, but because girls love playing
games that supposedly reveal their true nature. (By the time you do
the cube on her, she has done a hundred of those multiple-choice
personality quizzes.) Even if you are wrong, she will love telling
you how and why, so in the process you really do learn more about
her. If you have a girl get bored or flunk out before you're done,
then revert to my earlier statement about a girl needing to be attentive
and level headed for this to work. If my dear friend you're unlucky
to meet or have that type..what you do with her is "all yo' bidness"

After you're done giving her analysis, feel free to tell her what
your answers to the cube were when your friend (i.e. me) did it on
you. I guarantee you she'll be curious to hear it.

The cube game takes a lot of practice and homework but it's worth
it because it gives you experience with cold reading, a method of
spitting vague generalities that on the surface seem very personal
and accurate. Generally, the more complicated a routine, the bigger
payoff it has if you execute it correctly.

Before I knew how attraction really worked, I'd approach a girl and
talk about boring topics such as work or her favorite movies, and
then she would politely excuse herself from the conversation only a
couple minutes into it. But now I know better. When you talk about
more interesting topics, she sees you as more INTERESTING. Duh,
right? With a couple additional techniques, the "interesting" is
turned into strong attraction.

Once attraction is built you can get her number and take her on a
date later, or go for the one night stand (my preferred method).

For more indepth or extensive reading into the cube games secrets..

                                             And i'll talk to you again soon,

                                                   Your Friend...


Photos: google images
sources: psychology wiki, rooshv



           "Understand that excellency is not one big event or one lucky break,
              but hundreds of tiny decisions. Being excellent is your daily habits, 
              the extra one or two hours of work you put in every day, 
              that when accumulated over many years, 
              makes you excellent"
                                                  ....Roosh V

I was reading this conversation between a colleague of mine (in the game)
and his younger college bound brother...
His thoughts on being an excellent man caught my attention
therefore i just had to share. Also had to add woman to the title
because the knowledge here is not restricted to male folk.
without much ado , here it is

Little Brother: I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I feel so lazy. I just don’t want to do anything.
Roosh: Can you give me an example of when you were recently lazy?
LB: I went to the gym the other day, and when I arrived, I just didn’t want to lift. So I worked out very slowly and talked to the guys instead.
R: This is a common problem, because lifting is hard. Your body wants to conserve its energy so it decides that the better option is just to do nothing. Let me ask you something: what makes an excellent man?
LB: Motivation.
R: Motivation to do what?
LB: To do the work.
R: When you look at an athlete, you see a man with a strong body who has the right skills to do his sport. But what you don’t see is the hours of work he put behind it. When you see a successful businessman, you see the big company he built up and maybe his fancy car, but you don’t see the hundreds of hours he worked to build up the business. I’m learning Russian now, and have gotten compliments on it, but the people who compliment me do not see my daily struggle with it, the hours I put in every day just to learn a few new words. Any kind of excellency or greatness you see in other men comes down to the work they put in. Therefore, excellency is work. Can you see that?
LB: Yes.
R: Now when you were at the gym, and you decided not to work, would you say that was the decision of a normal man or an excellent man?
LB: Normal man.
R: Correct, a normal man will take the path of least resistance that does not involve work. What percentage of the population would you say is normal?
LB: Most.
R: I would say 99.5% of the population is normal, maybe even higher. They are sheep who follow, who prefer to stay in the herd, who like being told what to do to spare them the expense of thinking or taking risks, who seek entertainment over work, who are not in control of their emotions, and who lack willpower. They want glory and riches from not putting in effort, from not going above and beyond what they were told to do by their teacher, parents, or boss. They do the bare minimum in life and so they have a normal life that all the other people have. They have their iPhone, their entertainment, they surf the internet all day to feel some emotional pleasure, and they go to the club on the weekends to get drunk and maybe get laid. This is the life of a sheep.
LB: Is that bad? Is it bad to be normal?
R: It’s not bad. There is nothing wrong with being a sheep, and most people don’t have the genetic constitution to be anything else, but it’s not what I wanted to be. When I was faced with forks in the road, one leading back to the herd and one leading into the unknown, often involving much risk, almost every time I’ve picked the road that took me away from the herd. I’m not saying I’m an excellent man right now, but I want to be an excellent man, so I must do the work that it takes to be one, one hour at a time, one workout at a time, one Russian word at a time. This means avoiding comfort, luxury, entertainment, and mindless distraction. This means straining my mind and body, because as you know, your muscles only get bigger when you lift to your limit. If in my studies or work my brain is not tired, I did not work hard enough.
LB: But I don’t have the motivation. Like at the gym, it’s so much easier when I have a friend to push me to work out. And now I’m busy with school. If I didn’t have school, I would have the energy to do all these things.
R: Remember when you visited me in Odessa last year? I had to drag you every day just to go to boxing training. You didn’t have school or any other responsibilities, but you still didn’t want to do it. Is it possible you are using school as an excuse?
LB: It’s possible.
R: There is often something in life that keeps you busy, such as school or work obligations, but in spite of that, you must have the desire within you to fight off the fatigue and laziness to make that decision to be an excellent man. What you’re looking for is external motivation, something in your environment that will push you to do something that you should do. But external motivation is fleeting. One day it’s present and the next day it’s not. You can go to the best motivational seminar in the world, and pay thousands of dollars to do so, like many adults do, but after two weeks you’ll be lazy again and revert to your old habits. You’ll work out when your friend is present, but how about if he moves to a new town? Then you won’t work out anymore? External motivation is only temporary, like getting energy from a cup of coffee. Only internal motivation to be excellent will push you to do the work every day, every week, every month, every year. You will not need any external motivation if you know that you want to be an excellent man, but if you don’t choose excellency, you will be like a sailboat with no sail, no direction, allowing everything in your environment to whip you this way or that. Sometimes you’ll be motivated and sometimes you won’t, sometimes you’ll do the work and sometimes you won’t.
LB: But it is helpful when my friend calls me to go to the gym. I work out harder.
R: I believe it, but let’s view things from your friend’s perspective. He is internally motivated to be strong and fit, so he goes to the gym alone, but here you come, a friend who admits he’s lazy and needs his encouragement and motivation. He’s giving you a finite resource, his energy, to help you out. In other words, you are holding him down! If I was his brother, I’d say, “Hey man, your friend is a bum, he doesn’t want to work. Find friends who have internal motivation, who lift you up.” Can you see that?
LB: I didn’t think of that way.
R: Look, you’re not a bad kid, but those who are not internally motivated drag down those who are. If someone wants, I can be their motivation coach, but I should get paid for that, because it takes away my energy and time and prevents me from doing other work. I’ve known guys who just want to socialize, who aren’t hard workers, and don’t mind disturbing my work in order to just hang out. I don’t mind hanging out every now and then, but they don’t care if I don’t finish my new book or my language studies. So I have to say no to those guys, and spend time only with those who are as internally motivated as myself to be excellent.
LB: How do I become internally motivated?
R: Do you want to be an excellent man? If you want to be a normal sheep, then keep doing what you’re doing. There is nothing wrong with it, and my love for you as a brother would not change, but you will have a standard issue life—neither extraordinary nor horrible—if you continue to choose comfort and laziness over work. When you’re faced with two options where one involves work and discomfort and the other involves comfort and relaxation, you are making the choice between being excellent and being a sheep. When you decided at the gym the other day not to work out hard, what decision did you make?
LB: To be a sheep.
R: Right. It was the easy decision for you, because being a sheep is easy and being excellent is hard, but I can not make you excellent because being excellent is a personal decision. Understand that excellency is not one big event or one lucky break, but hundreds of tiny decisions. Being excellent is your daily habits, the extra one or two hours of work you put in every day, that when accumulated over many years, makes you excellent. The books I’ve written come from only one or two hours of focus a day. I’ve built a living doing this over the past several years, and it has given me my freedom and independence to live anywhere in the world, but it was difficult to do these two hours of work a day. One hour of extra work a day is just too much for 99.5% of people, so they will not do it, because they never made the choice to be excellent. Why would they choose work over entertainment if they didn’t choose to be an excellent man? Excellency is not flashy or exciting—it’s the tedious, boring, and hard work you do every day. Three workouts a week over many years will make you a strong man. One hour of hard reading a day will strengthen your mind. One hour of your own work can be the start of a business. Do you see how that works?
LB: I do.
R: You’re still young, so I’m not saying don’t have fun with your friends or don’t play video games, but just keep in mind what it takes to be excellent. If there isn’t an excellent seed within you right now that is begging for water and soil, then it’s possible you are destined to be a sheep. But if there is that seed, it’s my job as a big brother to tell you how much water it needs and what kind of soil it needs to grow. Long ago I looked into the mirror and decided that I wanted to be an excellent man, so every day I put in the work, because like I said before, excellency is work. If you also want to be excellent, you now know what it takes. The only thing that can stop you is yourself.
Excellent post if you ask me,

And i'll talk to you again soon(er)

Your Friend ....


Sunday, February 26, 2017


Missing out on an opportunity could be very annoying. 
If a girl gives me the green-light and i don't respond to it. Should i feel bad? 
Should i feel bad for not talking to every single attractive female i see? 

For instance. 

1. She's at the other side of the pedestrian walkway and she makes eye contact with

you, maybe even smiles at you. Should you go over and talk to her? 

2.You're in a bus or cab and she's looking around and at you instead of her novel. Even probably stares at the video playing on your phone. 

Should you strike? 

3. Okay, if you're at a cafe' or bar and she's there just sighing and staring into nothingness. 

Is it safe to interrupt her thoughts? 

4. She's with a couple of friends & they're looking your way while she's giggling & playing with her hair..

would her friends let you get away with picking her?

         There is no stipulated time and place neither are there strict instructions as to when you should approach and when you shouldn't, but there are opportunities which you should get mad at yourself if you miss out. 

For instance, she's gazing "at you" directly for more than five seconds, i think it's no coincidence that shes fixated and you need to approach her no matter where and find out whats missing in her puzzle...might just be you. 

It also counts to approach girls who are looking around or seem
bored, even if they are not looking directly at you. They want to be distracted
with a conversation or some attention. Who knows you might just be saving 
someone from a suicidal thought. Lol. I see myself as a servant of humanity *winks 

Thus, It's a YES to the four scenarios above. You should approach.
But how about the girls who are not giving any eye contact and seem completely
focused in whatever it is they're doing? 
Well, I know what happens when I approach these girls, but do you?
It's true these are not high-success approaches, but I think you owe it to
yourself to try them out a few times and see what you can learn.

The experience I got from approaching so many girls has helped me
be able to tell when a girl is open to being talked to or not.

You just have to keep in mind that her approach-ability is only one factor in deciding if you should approach. There are other factors i cannot state for the purpose of this topic. However, If there is a girl that is in my target or sights especially attractive and close to my ideal type, I'm going to approach her and speak to her whether or not she knows i exist. 

No one is perfect, there will always be times when there is a
girl you should have approached but you didn't.  Could be you were 
not feeling properly dressed or maybe it could be you're in a bad 
mood, or maybe you still worry about people around you witnessing 
your failure or your greenness in the game of meeting women. 

The result is that the girl is gone, probably forever, and
you learned nothing about how things might have been . 
You may feel guilty in the process. At this point all you can do
 is replay the event in your head and imagine what you could
have done differently. 

How would you have started the talk? How would the first minute of the
conversation have been like? How would you graduate to asking for her 
contacts and getting her to accept to go out on a date with you. 
How would you get from the date to the bedroom. 

If and when you find yourself in a similar situation again, you
simply have to repeat your rehearsals for real life. Just
do what you've already rehearsed. One reason I'm good at
approaching is because my mind has done it thousands of times, even
when I wasn't actually doing it. 
The feeling of regret is good because it will ginger you to
action. That's how I got into the game, when I had a lot of
bottled-up shame for not being able to get women regularly. 
I read books on human psychology & other self help books from 
some masters in the game. It's not just by reading those 
books, i did the approaches, and learned from alpha males in the
field who already had their way and skill about it . I kept going
for years until I could cross out girls from my list of
problems in life.

Don't be this guy. 
And I'll talk to you again soon 

      Your Friend. 


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Day 2- The Valentino code

                     (For Players Only)

PLAYER, Danger!
Valentine’s Day is here again…But there’s danger. If you’re a player, you’re likely to get gifts from many of your girls. Remember that this is also an opportunity for those shy girls with a secret crush to reveal themselves and try to win your heart through a bold token which hints at what they really want ...YOU.

 If you have an office job, the same goes for any cute OLs (office ladies), or co-workers, that haven’t found the right TPO (time, place, and opportunity) to show their feelings. And, even if they are just being kind with no intentions, your girlfriend may not see it that way.

So, be careful about showing off your Valentine’s Day booty(gifts) – it could blow up in your face. Your Steady girlfriend will easily pick up on the little nuances in communication that will blindside you. Not only will she be angry at the girl for trying to move in on her territory, but she’ll be equally angry with you for not making it very, very clear, to whoever she is, that you are off limits.
Hiding behind a sheepish grin and pleading ignorance won’t help you here. Remember, she thinks of you as a player- player extraordinaire; and, a guy who pulls every girl’s heart strings at will, like you do with her. (Either that, or she picked a tame pussycat for a boyfriend.) 

What About Your Other 4 Girlfriends?
If you’re dating multiple women, things get even trickier, especially if  Valentine’s Day falls on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Each girl will want to see you in person and each of them will feel that if she’s really important then you’ll spend Valentine’s Day with her.
Many girls are too busy to be able to meet you on actual Valentine’s Day, or they may only be available to meet you for a short time. Other girls may feel that it’s important that you spend that night with her, so you’ll need some kind of excuse. If you know that Valentine’s Day will be hectic, then it’s a great idea to plan to meet up with some of your guy friends so that you are legitimately busy.

If you do decide to spend that day with a girl be aware that you may come home to a surprise. I once came home with a girl and was greeted by my house-help with a bag. Inside was a box of male undies and a nice card from another girl I was seeing who must have taken the time to drop them by even though she knew I was busy that day. I remember hurriedly closing the bag with the gift still inside while trying to maintain calm, cool, nonchalant demeanor. My heart rate was fluctuating wildly as I pulsated from dread, imagining how ugly things could have been if we’d shown up and run into her while she was making the drop, to relief that it didn’t happen.
I had one friend who found it so stressful, that he would start a fight a few days or a week before the big day and then make up and get back together with them after! Now, I’m not recommending this “technique” but I want to make sure you know all the options out there.
However, if you have set up your life in a way that you’re always a busy guy with an erratic schedule like me, you’re well positioned to handle Valentine’s Day or any other holiday. The randomness of your schedule will give you more freedom, because you won’t have to break any patterns. And as I will discuss in a subsequent article, it’s the patterns that give a person away.

 This article may sound doom and gloom, but if you take the right precautions and set your relationships up right from the beginning, you’re in for lots of Valentine’s Day treats.
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