Thursday, February 12, 2015

Day 2- The Valentino code

                     (For Players Only)

PLAYER, Danger!
Valentine’s Day is here again…But there’s danger. If you’re a player, you’re likely to get gifts from many of your girls. Remember that this is also an opportunity for those shy girls with a secret crush to reveal themselves and try to win your heart through a bold token which hints at what they really want ...YOU.

 If you have an office job, the same goes for any cute OLs (office ladies), or co-workers, that haven’t found the right TPO (time, place, and opportunity) to show their feelings. And, even if they are just being kind with no intentions, your girlfriend may not see it that way.

So, be careful about showing off your Valentine’s Day booty(gifts) – it could blow up in your face. Your Steady girlfriend will easily pick up on the little nuances in communication that will blindside you. Not only will she be angry at the girl for trying to move in on her territory, but she’ll be equally angry with you for not making it very, very clear, to whoever she is, that you are off limits.
Hiding behind a sheepish grin and pleading ignorance won’t help you here. Remember, she thinks of you as a player- player extraordinaire; and, a guy who pulls every girl’s heart strings at will, like you do with her. (Either that, or she picked a tame pussycat for a boyfriend.) 

What About Your Other 4 Girlfriends?
If you’re dating multiple women, things get even trickier, especially if  Valentine’s Day falls on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Each girl will want to see you in person and each of them will feel that if she’s really important then you’ll spend Valentine’s Day with her.
Many girls are too busy to be able to meet you on actual Valentine’s Day, or they may only be available to meet you for a short time. Other girls may feel that it’s important that you spend that night with her, so you’ll need some kind of excuse. If you know that Valentine’s Day will be hectic, then it’s a great idea to plan to meet up with some of your guy friends so that you are legitimately busy.

If you do decide to spend that day with a girl be aware that you may come home to a surprise. I once came home with a girl and was greeted by my house-help with a bag. Inside was a box of male undies and a nice card from another girl I was seeing who must have taken the time to drop them by even though she knew I was busy that day. I remember hurriedly closing the bag with the gift still inside while trying to maintain calm, cool, nonchalant demeanor. My heart rate was fluctuating wildly as I pulsated from dread, imagining how ugly things could have been if we’d shown up and run into her while she was making the drop, to relief that it didn’t happen.
I had one friend who found it so stressful, that he would start a fight a few days or a week before the big day and then make up and get back together with them after! Now, I’m not recommending this “technique” but I want to make sure you know all the options out there.
However, if you have set up your life in a way that you’re always a busy guy with an erratic schedule like me, you’re well positioned to handle Valentine’s Day or any other holiday. The randomness of your schedule will give you more freedom, because you won’t have to break any patterns. And as I will discuss in a subsequent article, it’s the patterns that give a person away.

 This article may sound doom and gloom, but if you take the right precautions and set your relationships up right from the beginning, you’re in for lots of Valentine’s Day treats.
And it'll talk to you again soon..
Your Friend 

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hello Friends, Lion's and Lionesses...

September was my last time with you and it feels like forever...

Wanna share this with you for the benefit of my friend who keeps asking me why a woman who found you attractive yesterday tends to change her mind subsequently. 

You don't understand? okay let me narrate this..

 I was talking to a good friend a few nights ago,
and he told me an interesting story.

  He was walking home recently, when he walked by
a couple who were obviously in an emotional discussion.

  As it turned out, the woman was breaking up with
the man, and he was trying to understand why.

  The interchange went something like this:
Her: "I'm not ATTRACTED to you anymore... I just don't

Him: "But I would do ANYTHING to make this work...
I'll do anything you want... just tell me what to

Her: "That's the problem. You just don't get it."

....and that was all he heard.

  Have you ever been there?

  Have you ever had a girlfriend break up with you,
or just drift away, and the more you tried to hold
on, the further she ran from you? And the more you
tried to be a "good guy" and please her, the more
distant she became?

  Well, me too. I've been there MORE than once in
my life.


  The worst part about it was NEVER UNDERSTANDING

  I can remember being that guy I just told you the
story about... and asking "Why? Why are you confused?
What do I have to do to make this work?"

  I was willing to change, act different, or whatever.

  Little did I know at the time, but it was this EXACT
attitude that led to all the problems in the first

  If you've read my posts for awhile now, you
probably know that women don't feel the emotion called
ATTRACTION for guys who act weak, needy, insecure
and "WUSS-LIKE".

  But unless you know this to begin with, then it's
ALL TOO EASY to become a "nice", overly-accommodating,
uninteresting, predictable, boring guy... and even
though it seems logical that a woman should love to
be treated like a queen at all times, you've probably
found out, just like I have, that this combination
usually leads to a woman either 1) Leaving you...
or 2) Becoming increasingly controlling, domineering,
and neurotic.

  So what's up with that? Why does this happen? And
more importantly, what can we do to avoid getting into
this horrible position of losing a woman's attention
because we're trying to be nice to her?

  Here's my take, after studying this stuff for about nine years now...


  In other words, we humans don't CHOOSE who we feel
attracted to... and, JUST AS IMPORTANT, who we DON'T
feel attracted to.

  ATTRACTION happens for reasons all its own, and
these reasons have evolved inside of us over the last
several million years.

  While culture, peer pressure, and trends can shape
our natural drives slightly, the FUNDAMENTALS NEVER


  Most men can't believe it, but to a woman your
looks just aren't that much important as u believe especially when it comes down to relationships not flings.

  Sure, if you don't take care of yourself, don't
bathe, and let two of your front teeth rot out you
might scare away the ladies.

  But for the most part, women will look past just
about ANY physical issue if she feels that all-important
emotion called ATTRACTION.

  And ATTRACTION is created by your PERSONALITY.

  For women, ATTRACTION is triggered by male qualities
like: Dominance, Humor, Unpredictability, Adventure,
Strength, Sexual Awareness, Indifference, Etc.


  'Nuff said.


  When a woman begins to feel a romantic connection
with you, she faces an interesting problem...

  How can she tell for sure if your character and
personality are the way you're expressing them?

  As we all know, men and women BOTH show off and
exaggerate their "good sides" while downplaying and
hiding their negative traits at first. This is why
men suck in their guts, brag, and show off... and
why women wear makeup, do their hair, and shop all
day for their clothes.

  If you were a woman, and you needed to figure out
if a man was showing you his "true self", how would
you do it?

  What if you had to know FOR SURE?

  The only way is to TEST on an ongoing basis, and
to keep escalating the tests to be sure.

  Put all this together (with a bunch of other factors
that I don't have time to talk about) and you get
an interesting problem that women face...

  A woman responds to a man that stirs her emotions,
and causes her to want him so badly that she'll put
aside all logic and reason to be with him.

  But what if the man is just pretending? What if
he only SEEMS to be this confident, funny, manly-man
on the outside, but he's actually a push-over WUSS-BAG
that is insecure and makes up for it by acting like
a tough guy?

  Or worse yet, what if he's a WUSS all the time,
and she just happened to settle for him because he
was available and persistent... and she didn't have
anything better going on at the time... but now she
has other options?

  Well, these are the kinds of situations, that when
played out, lead to the story that I started with...
a man begging a woman to stay... pleading with her to
explain what he has to do to keep her.

Of course, this is all WUSSY behavior, and it only
serves to put the final nail in the coffin, convincing
the object of your desire that you are ABSOLUTELY,
beyond the shadow of any doubt, a Wuss.

  So what's the answer?


  If you want to make your dating life a whole lot
better and easier, then stop and think about your
behavior... and resolve right now to stop acting like
a WUSS for the rest of your life.

  Being "nice" and "accommodating" and "understanding"
is great for friendships and social relationships,

  An interesting, attractive woman doesn't want a
guy that she can push around. She doesn't want a guy
who does what she wants him to do. She doesn't want
a little boy that she can train and raise.

  An interesting, attractive woman wants a MAN.

  This doesn't make LOGICAL sense, I know. But it's
the truth. These submissive qualities will only work
in attracting a woman IF SHE LIKES DRESSING UP IN

  And my guess is that this isn't the kind of woman
that you're looking for.

  I've explained some of the important qualities
that you need to cultivate in yourself if you want
to attract women... and keep them attracted.

Now am gonna get back to this annoying job...but i will always remain...

Your Friend...