Sunday, February 26, 2017


Missing out on an opportunity could be very annoying. 
If a girl gives me the green-light and i don't respond to it. Should i feel bad? 
Should i feel bad for not talking to every single attractive female i see? 

For instance. 

1. She's at the other side of the pedestrian walkway and she makes eye contact with

you, maybe even smiles at you. Should you go over and talk to her? 

2.You're in a bus or cab and she's looking around and at you instead of her novel. Even probably stares at the video playing on your phone. 

Should you strike? 

3. Okay, if you're at a cafe' or bar and she's there just sighing and staring into nothingness. 

Is it safe to interrupt her thoughts? 

4. She's with a couple of friends & they're looking your way while she's giggling & playing with her hair..

would her friends let you get away with picking her?

         There is no stipulated time and place neither are there strict instructions as to when you should approach and when you shouldn't, but there are opportunities which you should get mad at yourself if you miss out. 

For instance, she's gazing "at you" directly for more than five seconds, i think it's no coincidence that shes fixated and you need to approach her no matter where and find out whats missing in her puzzle...might just be you. 

It also counts to approach girls who are looking around or seem
bored, even if they are not looking directly at you. They want to be distracted
with a conversation or some attention. Who knows you might just be saving 
someone from a suicidal thought. Lol. I see myself as a servant of humanity *winks 

Thus, It's a YES to the four scenarios above. You should approach.
But how about the girls who are not giving any eye contact and seem completely
focused in whatever it is they're doing? 
Well, I know what happens when I approach these girls, but do you?
It's true these are not high-success approaches, but I think you owe it to
yourself to try them out a few times and see what you can learn.

The experience I got from approaching so many girls has helped me
be able to tell when a girl is open to being talked to or not.

You just have to keep in mind that her approach-ability is only one factor in deciding if you should approach. There are other factors i cannot state for the purpose of this topic. However, If there is a girl that is in my target or sights especially attractive and close to my ideal type, I'm going to approach her and speak to her whether or not she knows i exist. 

No one is perfect, there will always be times when there is a
girl you should have approached but you didn't.  Could be you were 
not feeling properly dressed or maybe it could be you're in a bad 
mood, or maybe you still worry about people around you witnessing 
your failure or your greenness in the game of meeting women. 

The result is that the girl is gone, probably forever, and
you learned nothing about how things might have been . 
You may feel guilty in the process. At this point all you can do
 is replay the event in your head and imagine what you could
have done differently. 

How would you have started the talk? How would the first minute of the
conversation have been like? How would you graduate to asking for her 
contacts and getting her to accept to go out on a date with you. 
How would you get from the date to the bedroom. 

If and when you find yourself in a similar situation again, you
simply have to repeat your rehearsals for real life. Just
do what you've already rehearsed. One reason I'm good at
approaching is because my mind has done it thousands of times, even
when I wasn't actually doing it. 
The feeling of regret is good because it will ginger you to
action. That's how I got into the game, when I had a lot of
bottled-up shame for not being able to get women regularly. 
I read books on human psychology & other self help books from 
some masters in the game. It's not just by reading those 
books, i did the approaches, and learned from alpha males in the
field who already had their way and skill about it . I kept going
for years until I could cross out girls from my list of
problems in life.

Don't be this guy. 
And I'll talk to you again soon 

      Your Friend.