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20 Sexy Questions To Ask a Guy and Seduce Him

Do you like talking naughty with a guy? Here are 20 sexy questions to ask a guy that’ll turn him on instantly and get him talking dirty in no time. 

In today's world, you may spend more time texting your crush than actually hanging out with him. This means that you should not only be able to flirt with your crush in person, but through your texts. If you want to flirt through texting, you have to know how to be playful, witty, and charming in just a sentence or two.

Speaking face to face is easy.
But it’s not easy if you’re trying to talk naughty with a guy for the first time.
Talking dirty face to face can be awkward, or one of you may have a hard time holding that burst of laughter inside.

If you want to know how to be seductive over text then you first have to know that there is an art to it. Although you want to flirt and tease you also don’t want to appear too easy to get.
Being seductive with a guy when you are texting, instant messaging or through email, can be fun if you know the right way to do it.
Like everything else in the world of attraction, there are right and wrong ways to do things. Keep reading for a list of great tips that can help you be seductive when you are texting a guy.

  1. One of the most important things you have to remember is to make it not appear obvious that you are the one that is doing all the flirting as you don’t want him to take you for granted or think that you are easy to get.
  2. Always make it seem like he is the one that is seducing you and you will see just how much fun the texting can be. This is key to the process.
  3. When you text him let him know that you have remembered something he did or said, as this is a big compliment to a guy and he will feel warmer towards you and will be thinking about you. You could say something like “I just remembered that thing that you did or said and how sexy it was” or something along those lines.
  4. A great way to kick start his attraction in a neutral, non-direct manner: ask him what his favorite part of a girl’s body is.
  5. Always use his name when you text him as it makes it much more intimate. Try and give him a nice cheeky pet name and then use that as well, as it will bond you with each other.
  6. Try to arouse him in a discreet way. Don’t do it directly as you must let him think that he is doing some the work. You could say that you are “trying on some new underwear” or that you “just come out of the shower” and let his mind wander a little. This is one of the best ways to arouse a guy because it is making him think of you in a sexy way.
  7. Keep things short and don’t try to explain yourself all the time. Keep a bit of mystery as guys love this even if they don’t know why.
  8. Don’t flirt when you are texting in an obvious way as then he will think that you do this with all the guys. Your ultimate goal here is to make HIM think dirty, not you. If you can do this then it will make him want to seduce you as he will think that he is chasing you and not the other way around.
  9. Try to be sweet as well as seductive when you text him. Guys love compliments just as much as girls. That way he will try harder to please you.
  10. Once you are ready to escalate your seduction efforts, you can ask him “If I were with you right now what would we be doing?” then let him take the lead.
  11. Try not to be clingy. If he doesn’t respond to your sexy text quickly just leave it be. If a guy doesn’t respond it could be that he is busy doing something or just not interested enough. If he really likes you then he will text you back quite quickly, or will give you a sincere reason for not texting back.
  12. Don’t let the conversation go on too long otherwise you risk getting him bored. Either end the texting before he does or change the subject. You have to keep things interesting or he will get bored.
If you want to know how to be seductive, then use your imagination on what to say to the guy that you are texting. As long as you don’t come across as too forward, then being a little seductive can make him get hot under the collar. It will make him focus his mind on you and no one else and make him want to see you as quickly as he can.
Seductive texting is an art, but if done properly it can make a man putty in your hands. The only problem is, once you do have him all hot under the collar because of your seductive texting, then you may have to be prepared to see things through (to go all the way). So only text him seductively if you really want to get your man to take you out, or into bed.

Sexy questions to ask a guy
If you’d want to, you can ask these questions in person.
But I’d suggest you do it via a text.
Text these questions one after the other in the order I’ve mentioned and there’s a huge chance that both of you would be making out with each other within an hour or so.

Are you ready to put these sexy questions that’ll get him in your bed to the test?

The right questions to ask the guy you like
There are many kinds of sexy questions you can ask a guy.
But if you want to turn him on in no time, you have to remember to start off by warming him up and eventually getting more personal and intimate with each passing question.

Ask questions to which you already know the answers to. But hear it from him.
Don’t make it seem like you’re the only one asking all the dirty questions. By using these questions, you’ll make his answers get more and more naughty with each passing question, so it’ll always seem like he’s the one making all the moves.

Be subtle in your questions, at least at the beginning and get dirtier with each question you ask. And always remember this, avoid asking him questions that make him focus on anything other than you once you’re halfway past the 20 questions.

Text him when you know he’s all alone and has no plans for the night. Your focus is to seduce him into sleeping with you without ever appearing like the desperate one.
Trust me, stick to these 20 questions and I assure you, he’ll be in your bedroom before the night is over!

The sexy questions to make him come to you
Start off by texting something normal and try to figure out if he’s available to text you for an hour or so without any interruptions. These questions are open ended questions and he’ll ask you for your answers all the time too. Play coy, but let him know you’re enjoying the texts when you respond to him. And you’ll be able to work your magic and seduce him in an hour’s time with these texts!

#1 Do you like talking naughty?

 (this one sparks up interest...most guys love girls who can be naughty without sounding whore-ish)

#2 Do you check me out when I walk away?

(Hmm...considering #1, he's already set on naughty mode so his answer is gonna be something u'll love when u hear it)
#3 Do you think you’re a good kisser? 

( Hahaha.... he'll give his left nut to hear you say he is)

#4 Has anyone ever accidentally seen you naked?

(Wow...test and see for yourself)
#5 Have you ever skinny dipped?

(Swim naked...)
#6 What are you wearing right now?
(Just my boxers baby...oh...sorry i forgot..i sleep NAKED..)

#7 What’s the sexiest outfit a girl should wear to turn you on?

(My bro ICE is a sucker for short skirts/gowns....even if the girl has the face of an oglop)
#8 What kind of outfit would look best on me?

(ummm.... None. Birthday suit up if u ask Chris...*grins
Here, you're working his imagination chamber to overheat)

#9 Would you help me pick that outfit if I asked you to?

(works in 3 ways ...u get a free dress...u get him to bring it over...u get some ass time)
#10 What’s your favorite part of a girl’s body?

(ummm....is this supposed to be a question?...the "#$*&" of course)
#11 Which part of a girl’s body do you think tattoos look best?

( Personally above the waistline... a friend of mine says She believes classy girls dont need tatoos, No one intentionally scratches a "BENTLY" or "ROLLSROYCE". So if you have a "permanent" tatoo on ur body, ur a "MOLUE" or "KEKE").
#12 What do you wear when you go to bed?

( The point here is he gets to ask you back and you get the chance to seduce the fuck outta him with your answer...and making him feel sexy by giving him the impression you're thinking of him in naughty ways)
#13 How do you like a good massage from a girl?

( You're simply trying to wound this dude )
#14 What’s your idea of good foreplay?

(by making him talk naughty, you're turning him on)
#15 What’s your favorite sexual fantasy?

(Here you get to know what turns your man on....and use it as an advantage to strike deeper cuts...
 Mine is simple ...My '1' in your '0'...methods can be invented subsequently....lol)
#16 Do you think we’d do something funny if we get drunk together?

( Still feeding him the thoughts and letting him lead the advance)

#17 Have you ever sexted your picture?

(Sexting implies sending sexually explicit messages or photos basically from a mobile phone....)

#18 Have you ever felt horny while texting on the phone?

(oh yes....right now he is ...)

#19 If I was with you right now, what would you do to me?

(We all know the honest answer to that one.... its not like a guy has any hindrance like "Menses'...or do they?)

#20 How long will it take for you to get here? 

( with that...the hook is cast....if he's within your proximity he will surely come storming through with his erection confidently probing his pants)

Don’t think these 20 questions to ask a guy can get the guy you like into bed with you before the end of the text conversation?
Try it, you’ll be surprised. Just remember to avoid trying to sound funny, focus on feeling sexy and let him know that you’re horny!

Can you think of any other questions to ask a guy that can work its magic into seducing a guy and getting him in your bed in no time? Add your thoughts, it’ll definitely help a reader get a guy she wants in her bed!

And i"ll talk to you again soon,
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